Harvest Peace


Harvest Peace gives back to farmers by contributing to an organization that donates olive trees to offset destruction caused by regional dispute. This organization, in collaboration with donors, volunteers and farmers, is dedicated to promoting deeply rooted peace and sustainability.


Trees for Life started in 2005 and is administered by the Palestine Fair Trade Association. The project plants thousands of olive trees every year. Besides its developmental aspect, the program helps connect the local farmers and producers to the grassroots fair trade movement in Europe and North America.

A committee of PFTA farmers implements and administers the program.  Growers must qualify for 25-50 trees, have suitable land with the capacity to nurture the trees, fields prepared for immediate planting, and a commitment to fair trade practices.  Priority for donation goes to small farms, young farmers with inherited or acquired land, landed-women interested in farming, and those who have lost trees due to regional conflict. Trees are planted between Tree Day, January 15, and Land Day, March 30. The ritual of planting symbolically connects growers to their international supporters and the international fair trade movement.